Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Wait on the SEO – 5 Tips for Startups & New Website Launches

Believe it or not but if you’re a startup or just launched a new website you may actually want to wait with the SEO. SEO strategies have definitely changed over the years and what we can say is that, SEO does not happen overnight. Most startups not only don’t have the kind of time in the beginning to nurture an SEO strategy and should actually be putting their focus onto something else.

Traffic. And lot’s of it.

Yes, you will need to eventually have an SEO strategy but in the beginning you can sit back and wait with the ongoing SEO.

Before SEO, Think Quick Traffic

Traffic is the first thing you should focus on when you’re a startup and new website. Most people have believe the misconception that they should jump right into SEO but in actuality, it can harm your website in the long-run. There are many traffic channels for you to utilize that’ll get people buzzing about your website.


Paid Search otherwise known as PPC is your best bet when it comes to traffic. It’s similar to SEO in the sense that you’ll be using search keywords but it won’t be as time consuming as ongoing SEO. 

PPC will help you understand the needs of your users and which keywords perform best. It’s like a focus group for SEO—you’ll learn everything you need in order to move on to SEO.

See if you’re following this checklist on SEO for startups:

Social Media

Social Media is another tool to help bring your website quick traffic. If you use it right you can generate free traffic and all it takes is originality and creativity. You don’t need to have a large creative team in the beginning there are many tools and apps that can assist you in creating content for little cost.

If your company has a blog (which we recommend you have one) then publishing the posts on all social media channels is a great way to quickly get traffic. Here are some more tips on doubling your traffic through social media.

There Is a Right Time For SEO

There are several indications that will signal to you it’s time to move on to something a bit more permanent: a long term SEO strategy. While you do need quick traffic in the beginning, in the long run the most effective way to constantly get traffic on your site is through SEO.

You Have PPC Results to Analyze

Once you’ve spent a decent amount of time on PPC, you’ll have a nice set of keywords to analyze for future purposes. Seeing what worked in the past will help you understand what type of content you need to produce in the future and which keywords to target.

You Can Handle Google Changes

Google is a force to be reckoned with. You can’t beat Google, and its algorithm changes are something to pay close attention to. While it may sound like a headache, get those ibuprofens ready because you simply cannot get around it.

When Google announces an algorithm change, it’s time to stop what you’re doing and prepare by understanding what adjustments you’ll need to make. Always prepare ahead of time for these changes by staying up to date with industry news and trends. 

Your Product Has Matured a Bit

Just like wine, your product will get better with time. Once your product has matured a bit you can start to see SEO as a big part of your future. When you’re starting out everything is changing (keywords, content, maybe even your concept) and that’s not going to help an SEO strategy. When you’ve left those early-stage days and ready to move on to the next level ongoing SEO can start to become a part of the process.

Once you’ve lightened the load a bit with launching your new site or startup, you’ll have more time and financial resources to give SEO the proper attention it requires. It’s not like PPC, where it can be undone with a click of a button. Every change will be felt so it’s imperative that you’re prepared from day one.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed remember, SEO is a process. It’s not something that’s meant to be finalized in one day. It takes months, sometimes years to finalize the process and as long as you’re taking it step by step you’ll surely be enjoying the benefits soon enough.   

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